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 Mar.22.2008 Lollipop in Hong Kong for promotion; 2000 fans

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PostSubject: Mar.22.2008 Lollipop in Hong Kong for promotion; 2000 fans   Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:22 am

Source: Yahoo TW
Translation: wendy @ Asian Entertainment Universe forums

Lollipop in Hong Kong for promotion; 2000 fans' deafening screaming

Lollipop came to Hong Kong to hold an autograph-signing and singing function on the 21st. All 3 levels of the autograph location were filled to the max with about 2000 fans whose screams were deafening. When the 6 members went on stage to speak, their voices were covered by the screaming. The host could only hastily wrap up the games part of the function to stop the pain from the noise.

According to East Daily, the popular group Lollipop will have a 7-day promotional trip around Hong Kong and the Guangdong area. On the 21st, they held an autograph event in Hong Kong. The event location was filled with about 2000 fans with fans already waiting since 5AM. Looking at the scene, it seems that the most popular member is Prince (王子).

Lollipop arrived at the location 20 minutes late, so once the fans caught sight of their idols, they would not stop screaming. Because of the echoing problem (the noise echos around and doesn't dissipate) at the three-leveled,「井」shaped location, even though the host and the members of Lollipop requested the fans to lower their volume, the fans did not care and continued to scream deafeningly.

As a group, the members of Lollipop said that they hope to hold a concert in Hong Kong, William said: "After the Hong Kong Coliseum finishes its repairs, we hope that we can hold a concert in Hong Kong." Afterwards, they played a game of "Black/White Pairing"「黑白配」. Right when the fans got on stage, they would rush to the side of their favorite member, leaving only A-Wei without a fan. Standing alone with a sad expression, he reluctantly asks: "No one wants to team up with me?" A-Wei even pretended to faint, needing Brian to hold him steady--it was a really funny scene. Afterwards, A-Wei explains that: "It wasn't awkward at all, it was because the fan was very nervous from seeing us, she even apologized."

When they were singing two songs on stage, the volume declined a bit. Otherwise, the games and interview events were overwhelmed by the screaming making it hard to continue. As a result, the host's voice became hoarse and can only hastily end the games event to prevent additional pain from the noise.

Owodog expresses that since he was young after any major concert, he would feel a void in his heart. So everyday, he would say to his company that he hopes that they could hold a concert in Hong Kong. Being asked about singing pressures, Brian says: "Understanding that other singers are also very outstanding, there would be pressures, but that comes from our personal demands." Lollipop will leave Hong Kong on the 22nd and go to China to continue their promotions.

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PostSubject: Re: Mar.22.2008 Lollipop in Hong Kong for promotion; 2000 fans   Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:00 pm

wahhh! poor ah wei.. left without a fan
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Mar.22.2008 Lollipop in Hong Kong for promotion; 2000 fans
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